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Espresso Rouge

OfferCHF 4.90(CHF 8.91/100g)

A modern classic, with a fiery taste experience and a fruity note. The Espresso Rouge is reminiscent of red berries and sweet sponge cake on the finish. He impresses with his fiery temperament. This modern coffee specialty with little bitterness and a lot of acid is recommended for pure espresso enjoyment.

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Nespresso kompatible Kapseln - espresso rouge-
Espresso Rouge OfferCHF 4.90

Sustainably produced

No half measures. Neither for coffee nor for the planet.

Quick preparation

Enjoy our coffee with a clear conscience.

Garden compostable capsules

We combine high-quality organic enjoyment with environmental compatibility.

serving suggestion

Enjoyment with a clear conscience

The blend of our popular ristretto is rounded off with organic coffee cherries from northern Colombia. In the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta there are ideal conditions for an aromatic full-bodied organic coffee, rounded off by a gentle acidity and fine hazelnut and vanilla moments. With our new organic capsules you have the opportunity to protect our environment while drinking coffee . In addition, we were able to create an even better taste experience for you. Enjoyment and sustainability are therefore guaranteed. Our coffees are offered in garden-compostable, aluminium-free capsules for Nespresso® capsule machines.

Best organic coffee

We believe that organic coffee only has advantages: for the environment, for the climate, for the people in the growing areas, but also for the end consumer. Therefore, our coffees come from sustainably managed plantations. Our goal is to keep the soil permanently fertile, to conserve raw material reserves and still offer high-quality organic coffee.

Fast & CO₂-neutral shipping

Not only is the fast delivery of our quality products to your home important to us, but also the associated emissions. That's why we rely on sustainable delivery options for our shipping & work with partners who deliver CO₂-neutral and get your order to your doorstep within a few days.


Our focus is on sustainability. It is therefore just as important to us that our products are packaged sustainably. We use boxes made of recycled material that do not require any superfluous outer packaging and are only printed on the outside with colors that comply with food law. This is how we all keep our carbon footprint low and do good for the environment.


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