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We want to bring something together that doesn't seem to fit together at first glance: enjoyment at the push of a button and sustainability.

Can organic coffee from capsules be sustainable?

Enjoyment with a clear conscience

With the Polaris, UniCaps is presenting a coffee capsule that is technologically and materially mature and that enables filling, long-term storage and the preparation of great-tasting coffee at the highest level. The oxygen barrier of the Polaris is comparable to the oxygen barrier of aluminum capsules and ensures the preservation and later development of the coffee aromas as well as the usual shelf life of conventional capsules made of plastic or aluminum.

Our second generation of bio-capsules (PHA-based) enables faster composting than standard bio-plastic capsule solutions (PLA-based). In addition, unlike PLA, PHA can also be broken down in home compost. PHA is an invention of nature and is naturally produced by the bacterium Bacillus Megaterium. Thus, PHA is 100% natural.

The greenest capsule on the market

  • Second-generation organic capsules
  • highest quality standard
  • even faster composting
  • made exclusively from natural raw materials
  • climate-neutral
  • without aluminum & conventional plastic
  • shelf life at least 18 months
  • optimized for all common Nespresso®³ machines

facts about us

Fact 1

Organic Farming

All our organic coffees come from ecologically sustainable agriculture and are certified organic according to EU standards. The producers of our ORGANIC COFFEE primarily rely on healthy soil and an intact ecosystem. Only natural pesticides and fertilizers are used

Fact 2

Gentle drum roasting

For an excellent natural taste, we use the most modern aroma-preserving processes in coffee refinement - from the careful selection of organic Arabica and organic Robusta beans by our experienced coffee sommeliers to careful drum roasting.

Fact 3


Through three stages of high-precision grinding of the coffee, we enable ideal, even extraction of all flavors and aromas during preparation.

Fact 4

Filling in environmentally friendly capsules

Our capsules are real geniuses. They consist of predominantly bio-based raw materials (about 96%), are biodegradable according to the EN 13432 standard and can be used in industrial and home compost. The excellent tightness of the capsule ensures a long shelf life

Fact 5

Climate-neutral from cultivation to you

We produce with green electricity and use the waste heat from our machines to generate hot water.
We offset climate emissions that we cannot (yet) avoid by supporting certified climate protection projects via ClimatePartner. This is how we make our products from cultivation to delivery to you and climate-neutral in disposal. You can find more information about the projects in our ClimatelD Tracking.

Fact 6

100% enjoyment with a clear conscience

At the push of a button, every capsule becomes a pleasurable taste experience at home. From elegant and complex to full-bodied, our creations offer the whole variety of the coffee world.

Fact 7

Disposal in household waste

Our MY COFFEE CUP products are certified according to the internationally recognized standard EN 13432 for industrial composting and for home composting. However, since we are already one step ahead of the waste system with our bio-based capsules, the used capsules cannot be recycled in composting plants. However, our capsules are also in good hands with household waste: due to the high proportion of renewable raw materials, they do not cause any additional climate emissions even when thermally recycled.

Fact 8

Thermal utilization

Thermal recycling is currently still the most ecologically sensible way of recycling our bio-based coffee capsules. During combustion, only the amount of CO2 that the contained raw materials have bound during their growth phase is emitted. In addition, the capsules can also contribute to the conversion of steam into energy and heat

Co2 compensated since foundation

Thanks to environmentally friendly packaging and certified climate neutrality¹ our products form the perfect interplay of convenience and enjoyment with a clear conscience.

5.112.343 kg

Stand: 19.04.2022

The environmentally friendly, climate-neutral capsule

✓ climate-neutral¹

✓ without aluminum and conventional plastic

✓ consists mostly of bio-based raw materials (proportion of biogenic carbon 96%)

✓home compostable

✓Shelf life at least 18 months

✓Filled with top quality organic coffee & organic tea

✓Optimized for all common Nespresso®³ machines

✓Industrial and garden compostability certified by DIN CERTCO 7P1201, 9G0264 and 9P0071