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our mission

What remains is the enjoyment.

We, the passionate coffee producers at “My Coffee Cup”, are united in our unwavering commitment to sustainable coffee. Our commitment goes beyond the brew - it's a love letter to our planet and generations to come.


With every bean we source, every roast we perfect and every cup that we pour, we commit to being gentle with this earth. We refuse to risk the future for fleeting moments of pleasure. Instead, we take on the challenge of making exceptional coffee while caring for the world that feeds us.


Our love for sustainable coffee is a pact with nature itself. We promise To sow seeds of change and grow coffee that thrives in harmony with the environment. Our methods emphasize environmental protection, ethical practices and respect for the communities that make our coffee journey possible.


As guardians of tradition and innovation, we are dedicated to creating flavors that Indulge your senses and celebrate the essence of the regions from which our beans come. But our love goes beyond taste - it's a commitment to a thriving planet and thriving communities.


Help us create a cup of sustainable coffee - a cup full of passion, Responsibility and the indomitable will to create a better world with every sip.


With love and sustainability in every bean,

My Coffee Cup Team

Best organic coffee

The selection of excellent ingredients creates the basis for first-class quality. Our organic coffees come from sustainably managed plantations in Central America, South America and Africa.

In compostable² capsules

Our capsules are real geniuses. They consist mainly of bio-based raw materials (about 96%) and can be composted in the garden. After use, you can dispose of them in the garden compost, household waste or in the compost bin². And they ensure that the full, intense aroma of our organic coffees is retained for at least 3 years. Our capsules can be used in all standard Nespresso®³ machines.

Roasted & packed with love and expertise

For an excellent natural taste, we use the most modern aroma-preserving processes in coffee refinement - from the careful selection of organic Arabica and organic Robusta beans by our experienced coffee sommeliers to careful drum roasting to the solvent-free decaffeination of our decaf according to Swiss -Water method.

What remains is the enjoyment

The products from MY COFFEE CUP are 100% CO₂-neutral¹. We believe that enjoyment should not come at the expense of nature, the climate or other people. That is why we have developed products that combine excellent organic enjoyment, convenient preparation and a clear conscience.

Our mission is

At the heart of the commitment of MY COFFEE CUP and MY TEA CUP is the idea of ​​combining modern enjoyment with sustainable and responsible action. We want to inspire as many people as possible worldwide for high-quality, environmentally friendly organic products in order to make our contribution to health, happiness and prosperity. That's why we use all our strength and expertise to bring better, more resource-saving and socially responsible products onto the market.

Bester Bio-Tee

The origin of our teas is as global as that of our customers. In many different countries, our tea experts select the best harvests from organically certified cultivation.

Packed & finished in Germany

Our organic teas presented us with a challenge: a tea usually has to steep for around three to five minutes in order to develop its full flavor. However, when prepared in a Nespresso®³ machine, the tea only comes into contact with water for a few seconds. Therefore, our engineers have researched intensively and developed the Aroma Technology. The special mechanical crushing process ensures that our tea leaves, herbs and fruits fully develop their wonderful aroma, their intoxicating fragrance and their intensive colors within around 40 seconds.

Here, too, only enjoyment remains.

The products from MY TEA CUP are 100% CO₂-neutral¹. We believe that enjoyment should not come at the expense of nature, the climate or other people. That is why we have developed products that combine excellent organic enjoyment, convenience and a good conscience.

About Us

We are modern connoisseurs. The founders Dirk N. Tillmann and Max Sandherr are supported by a team of experts: coffee and tea experts, engineers, material scientists, marketing and sales talents, sports and nutritional medicine. So many different personalities, skills and biographies - but we have one thing in common: our lifestyle. We are active, play sports and pay attention to healthy eating. We love pleasure, we love nature and we love convenience. All of this is combined in our products: Exquisite organic coffee and organic tea in compostable² capsules, CO₂-neutral¹ produced, packaged and shipped.